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Leif Shires


Jaimee Paul Shires

The couple for your


Cruise & conference


Leif and Jaimee love music, performing, and

simply making people happy. They’ve been

performing together for 15 years, and knew they

were meant to be from the very beginning.

Hailing from different parts of the country, Music

City, USA is where they call home. Nashville

harbors exceptional musicians, allowing this

couple to expand upon traditional Pop and

Broadway standards, movie classics and even the iconic Disney catalogue, giving them a broader audience appeal. They've also had the privilege of performing throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Jaimee and Leif have recorded several albums in Nashville, including; Bonded (a tribute to James Bond), My Favorite Things, and working on an upcoming tribute to the Wonderful Music of Disney.


Music enthusiasts have been touched and

inspired by their incredible talent, love for each

other, and the music they are honored to create.

Come see the love and laughter that they share!

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